Dead TV

SamsungLNT2653HHave some very said news to share.  My TV has died last night.  Was just about to start watching the second episode of Last Car Standing.  The picture turned greenish, black with waves though it.  Thought that’s weird.  Have seen the picture go funny before but that was all ways the satellite signal.  So I changed the channel but the same problem.  Shut the dish off and played around with the setting, still the same problem.  Next tried my PS3 and DVD player with no luck.  Looked online to see if there was anything I could do.  Didn’t find much help there either.  Got thinking may be I could update the firmware.  Did that but again did help.  The TV is all about six years old.  Paid a lot of money compared to what they are now.  Now I have to go look for a new one.  The only problem is they only come a few inputs.  Mine had two HDMI, Composite and  Component all so a VGA.  All the TV I looked at over that Future Shop website they only come with one composite and one component.  I need at lest two component since my DVD and satellite both use these inputs.  Will just keep looking.  Think the best bet is to go into the stores and look.

RIP Samsung LNT2653H.

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