Back Into Skyrim Yet Again!

Skyrim.jpgIt has been all most a full year since I lasted played Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Have decided yet on a new game to buy so I put in Skyrim last night.  This time around decided I should start a  new game over with a new character.   Then thought it might be fun to pick a different character that I wouldn’t mostly likely to pick.  Then decided I should play the game different this time around.  Pick different skills, may be try more of the magic out and the crafting.

I like all ready said, it has been all most a year I have played.   So then the game started up it was all most like playing a bran new game.  Took me a few minutes to get use to the controls but it all came back to me.  The game still sucks you in and you want to keep playing.  It still looks great after been out for all most two years.  The only think I noticed was there are hiccups or slow downs.  But it is not big deal.  The game is so fun.  If you have never tried this game yet.  Go out and get it.  Pretty sure you can find it for a good price now.

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