Wreck-It Ralph Review

WreckItRalphHad the change today to check out Wreck-It Ralph.  Have wanted to seen this since it has a video game theme.   It starts off great with some good video game inside jokes.  Then is goes into your standard Disney story telling mode.  That is not really a bad thing.  They are good at telling stories.  It is just the “plot twists” have been done some many times before.  Then again this movie is aimed at the kid market so all the plot twists are new to them.  The animation is very well done.  Each world they visit has there own look to them.

Was a bit let down by this movie.  I guess I was hoping there would be more use of video game characters or jokes.  It is still a good movie.  But not great very generic.  If you are looking to check out an animated movie put this on the bottom of the list.  It is well made, just that there are better ones out there.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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