Ouya.jpgTalking about the OUYA once again.  It is about four months way from being in store.  It is set to launch June 2013.  No actual day in June has been set yet.  The lady that created this new console, Julie Uhrman  has been making some media rounds.  This past week she was at the SXSW (South by Southwest Festival) and a few other place.  The hype is building.  Still interested in getting one.  But still going to wait and see what people have to say then the come out.  Like the idea all the games well be free to try before buying.   Just wonder if they will have pre-paid cards to buy.  Something like the PSN or the Xbox live money cards.   All so like the idea if you need more space you can to store game you can plug in an external hard drive.   Will be keeping a close eye on this product.

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