Big Brother Canada

BigBrotherCanada.jpgWatched the first episode Big Brother Canada.   Was surprised it wasn’t that bad.  Of course some of the people in there, will be and are annoying.  Think that is why they were picked.  The people that make these shows all ways try to find people what will clash.  Just the the US version it will air three days a week.  Sundays, Wednesdays and the live eviction on Thursdays.   Last night was Thursday,  so the first person was going to get the boot.  It was on to late for me to stay up and watch.  So I am checking it out on the website.  The video player works really good.  Some times when shows do this you send more time watching a buffering icon than watching the show.  They all so have the after dark episodes on there was well to watch.  Not sold on this show yet but will give it a few more episodes before deciding to keep watching.

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