PlayStation Meeting 2013

PlaystationMeettingTomorrow, February 20, 2013 is being billed at a big game in game.  For a few week back Sony announced they will be having a PlayStation meeting on this day.  All the gaming sites are guessing that they will unveil the PlayStation 4.  Over at > here they will be streaming some video from the event.  This is a very good bet to take since The PlayStation 3 has been around since November 2006.   I am a bit excited to see what they have to say.  Pretty sure it will be about the PlayStation 4.  If it is, I just hope they have learned from what happened then they launched the PS3.  They need to keep it simple and a price people can afford.  Mind you I did buy a PS3 very close to launch and still happy with it all these years latter.   This time around I just might wait longer before buying one.   Just we will find out in a less than 24 hours if it is or not the PS4.

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