Far Cry 3

FarCry3.jpgYes, I am talking about Far Cry 3 yet again.  This time because last night got 100% finished in the game.  That means found all the hidden items, did all the missions/ side missions, unlocked all the skills and weapons.  Now I am working to see if I can get all the trophies (or achievements if you have and Xbox 360).  If I do that will be the first game that I got them all in.  Came close in one other game.  But as you can tell this is one of my, if not, all time favourite games.  There is still things I want to do in the game.  After putting about 50 hours just into the single player mode.  I want to get all the paint jobs for all the weapons.   Have most of those all ready.  Think there may be four or five left to do.  Spent some time into the co-op mode as well.   Have to say that is pretty fun.  The only thing I wish I could do in that is pick the level to play.  Because some time I end up playing the same level a lot.  Still haven’t see some of them yet.  If you have not tried this game yet.  Go and get it.  A must buy.

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