Game Of Thrones: Season Two Blu-ray/DVD

GameOfThronesSeasonTwoDVD.jpgJust a quick reminder that Game of Thrones season two will be out on Blu-ray and DVD this coming Tuesday (February 19, 2012).  I know Wal-mart has it on for a cheaper price the first three days then goes up to the regular price.  Forget how much they are asking for.  But it doesn’t matter since I will be buying it any way.  Oh, and if you decided to get a Blu-ray copy from Future Shop it comes with the exclusive “Lannister Packaging”.  Looked at the picture of the back cover over at Amazon.  It looks the the Blu-ray comes with some cool looking special features.  Will let you know more when I get my copy.  Planning on watching all the episodes from seasons one and two to refresh me the story lines just in time for season three to start.  Which is March 31, 2013.

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