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Survivor: Caramoan

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SurvivorCaramoan.pngJust a reminder that Survivor: Carramoan – Fans vs. Favourites starts this Wednesday (February 13, 2012).  This is the third time they had a fans vs. favourites, but I could be wrong.  After looking at the returning players.  Was thinking they must be running low on people that wanted to come back.  There are some I don’t think would fall under the “favourites” banner.  For example Phillip from the Redemption Island season.   Well he was fun to watch because he was off the wall but don’t think of him as a favourite.  Then there Brandon.  Pretty sure he will go down the same path he did the first time around.  Then there are a bunch of other players I don’t even remember.  Pretty sure it will be a good season.  Every time there are that many returning players.  They think they know how to win and be the best.  But their egos get the best of them.  That is all ways fun to watch.