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ArtRage 3 Studio

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WacomBambooSplash.jpgHave had my Wacom Bamboo Splash for about a week now.  It came with two programs, programs Autodesk Sketchbook Express and ArtRage 3 Studio.   Start off saying I am not artist or pretending to be.  Have spent most of the time using ArtRage.  This is a fun program use.  Has an easy to use interface.  Must like Photoshop it has many features and  cool things it can do.  Just takes time and practices.  Have been looking at some tutorials.  Just trying to find the right ones.  In the mean time I have just playing around.  Found a kid friendly site that shows you how to draw.  They have a how to draw Batman > here.   Gave it a try.  Well like said said I am no artist so it turned out really bad.  How ever it was fun to try with in ArtRage.  It is very easy to fix mistakes.   All so made a new header for this blog.  If you missed it, it is the logo at the top of the page.   Thinking about making a bunch of new ones to switch them up every now and again.