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Lawless Review

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LawlessHave been waiting to check out Lawless.  Had the day off so I check it out.  It takes place during the depression/prohibition.  Like movie set in this time period.  They all ways look cool.  This one does for sure.  If you have not hear of this movie, it follow the story of three brothers that are bootleggers.  They say it is based on a real story.  Never take that tag line very serious.  The movie was very nice too look at.  The acting was very nice as well.  The only problem I had with it is the time line of the story.  It seems to get confused in spots.  After one of the guys gets beat up pretty bad.  A few scenes later not a mark on him.  This is a small thing but it might throw you off a bit.

Over all this is a good movie.  Made with a smaller budget then most.  How ever it still pulls off a bigger budget feel.  Just wish it was better than it is.  Has all the right parts but miss out in spots.  Find it hard to explain.  If you check it out you might get what I am trying to say.  It is a rent for sure.   Just don’t rush out to see it.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)