Grand Theft Auto V Release Date

GTA5Logo.jpgHave some good news or bad news about Grand Theft Auto V.  It is all how you look at it.  The good news is the game will be out September 17, 2013.   This is good news because we now have a release date.   So I know what I will be doing that day.  This bad news for some because it was first announced it would be out in the spring.  Of courses people on the internet are pitching a fit.  Games get delayed all the time.  This game is going to be huge.  It has been said this game world will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV combined.  That is really impressive.  So this extra time they are taking is a good thing in my books.  Going to say it now, this will be the best GTA yet.

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