Wacom Tablets

WacomBambooSplashHave seen the Wacom tablets for sale and people using then in videos.  All ways thought they were pretty darn cool.  If you are wondering what they are.  The simple way of says is, is computerized paper and pen.  Then used with some software you can do some cool stuff.   They are most often used for drawing or computer game stuff.  For a long time they were aimed at professionals because they were high end expensive.  They still are with the Intuos line.   But now they have a new line called Bamboo which is aimed at the very day person.

Start at $80 going up $200 for the Bamboo line is not bad.   Thinking about getting one.  While I am not artist and pretty much suck at draw.  I do like to do it.   When I was a kid used to make my own comic books.  You can do more than just art with them.  They can all so be use to edit photos.  I am looking at the Bamboo Splash.   Over at Future Shop they have it for > here for $79.99.   Then looked on Amazon.ca  and they have it for > here $69.99 (on sale as I am writing this January 23, 2013).  Like I said they are pretty cool.  Do have a gift card for Future Shop.  Not sure what to do.  Will have to think on.  May be look at some more videos and read reviews.

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  1. […] few blog posts back I was thinking about picking up a Wacom Bamboo Splash.  Thought it was pretty cool.  […]

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