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Dredd Review

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DreddWas in the mood to see an action movie today.  Dredd is out on DVD now so I gave that a watch.  This is a much need reboot.  No need to talk about the other movie that was based on the same comic book.  While this movie doesn’t bring anything new to the table it is interesting to look at.   90% of the story takes place in one building.  While it is a huge building it helps keep the action fast and close.   Speaking of the action.  The shoots outs happen a lot and they are all different.  The slow down effect is used but not over used.  It does get pretty gory in parts.  But they tried in a few scenes to put a human side to all the violence.  Didn’t really work out since a few minutes later the body count keeps adding up.

While I didn’t enjoy this movie it was bad either.  Seen this on DVD which looks great.  But you can tell it was shoot with 3D.  They was they use slow motion and how things come at the screen.  What’s good about this movie is they don’t try to shoehorn too much side story into it. This is a good rent if you are looking for some loud and fast action.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)