Resident Evil: Retribution Review

ResidentEvilRetributionHave seen all the Resident Evil movies.  The newest one is Retribution is number five in the series.  There is a sixth one in the works.  Some of this movies are bad and some are ok.   This one falls in the ok section.   It is boils down to an mindless action movie.  That’s not all ways a bad idea.   It has all things that all silly action movies have.  Endless bullets with endless bad guys to walking in front of them.  Silly story line.  Then a big fist fight at the end.   Let it is all it is a very entraining.

Not the best Resident Evil movie.  Still fun to look at.  Even if some of it doesn’t make any sense.  There is some very bad dialog.  Forget all that it just  mindless fun.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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