Inside HBO’s Game Of Thrones Book Review

InsideGameOfThrones.jpgFinished reading the book Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones which I received for Christmas.  Am a big fan of the TV show and all most have finished reading the first book.  This was a nice gift to get.   The book is very well made.  It has a soft good looking cover.  The pages are heavy stock filled with bright pictures and lots of good information about how the shows were made.  It is broken up in sections of each of the main families.   Each of the main characters gets their own break down.  From the people that make the show and the actors themselves.  Then go into detail on some the be big scenes of the two seasons.

Enjoyed reading this book.  Lots of good information.  But was a little disappointed with some of it.  Only because some of it was recycled.  Some of this information is on the commentary and extras on season one DVD’s.   Not that big of a deal.  It is well worth checking out and adding your collection of any fan of the show.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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