Far Cry 3

FarCry3.jpgBack talking about Far Cry 3.  This is the funniest game I have played all year.  There is so much to do and look at.  Everything flows together very nicely.  Never do you feel like you are taken out of the game when you do a side mission or mini game.  Speaking of missions.   Have put about 12 hours into the game so far.  Spent about 99% of the time doing side missions,  exploring the world, crafting upgrades and upgrading my guys skills.  So I went back to so the story line mission.  I had to laugh because it was still part of the tutorial mission.   It was set up so to be done when you first start playing.   But I had all kinds of up grades and skills it was a walk in the park.   Found a great help section of are IGN.com > here.   It is a great Wiki on very thing about the game.  I use it mostly for the interactive map and crafting help.  Have been telling very one I know to go and get this game you will not be disappointed.  So now I telling all those who might read this, go get this game.

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