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Christmas Specials

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christmas-tree.pngEvery year I try and watch as many Christmas specials/TV shows as possible.  I work in retail which can suck the fun right out the the holidays.  So watch many Christmas specials kinds of makes it easier to enjoy this time of year.   There are certain ones I just have to watch no matter what.  The first being A Christmas Story, A Muppet Family Christmas and then Home Alone.  Have not watched Home Alone yet this year planning to this weekend.  Did watch the other two all ready.  All so watched some other as well that are good.  There will be all kinds on TV this coming week since there is little more than a week left till the big day.

Christmas with the Kranks

A Christmas Story 2  (not great but not the bad either)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the old cartoon and the movie)

Prep and LandingPrep & Landing: Naught vs. Nice

A Garfield Christmas Special

Arthur’s Perfect Christmas