Assassin’s Creed 3 Review

AssassinsCreed3.jpgFinished the main story online in Assassin’s Creed 3 last night.  Took my time playing thought this game.  There was days that I didn’t at all so that my review might seem late.   Going to start off saying this game is great but not my favourite.  Thought when I first started to play it would be come my fav but not so.   There are many awesome things in there with lots to do.  But it is missing the feeling that the other game had.  The made changes some for the good and others the bad.  The movement is easier but still give you trouble at times.   There is the combat which I find after hours of game play not the fun.   Become very frustrated lot in this game.  That’s what I take away most are the missions in the game.  They are good but can be very frustrating in spots.  Either because of the controls or the combat.  That might just be me.  Could not figure out the right time in the combat with taking in a group of bad guys.

Over all this is a top notch game.  Has lots too do and look at.  The missions are a lot more varied this time around.  The game with you wanting more of the story.   With all the good in there, there are some bad.  When running some time you will go where you don’t want to.  The combat can be frustrating then taking on big groups.  Because if your timing is off you get shot by the guys out of range.   How ever will go back and try to finish the side missions.   Did have fun playing this game but just not as much has I had playing Brotherhood.  Pretty sure there will a new game next year.  Can’t give it a full score because I got pissed off too much playing in spots.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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