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Game Of Thrones: Season Two Blu-ray/DVD

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GameOfThronesSeasonTwoDVDGood news we have a release date for season two Blu-ray/DVD of Game of Thrones.  At first was thinking it would be March but it is much sooner than that.  The day is February 19, 2012.  Well that is still far way but not too far.  Will be buying a copy on Blu-ray.  It comes with a bunch of extras.  Not to sure what they are yet.  But sure they will be good.   Can’t wait to see these episodes again.  Just might have to watch the first season all over again as well to.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Demo

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NfSMostWantedGave the demo a try for Need for Speed: Most Wanted – A Criterion Game a try.  Have not been a fan of the Need for Speed games for years.  But now that Criterion has taken over the franchise it has to help.  Enjoyed the demo very much.  It was the most exciting demo I have very tired.  All the cars, the environments, sound track and the announcers voice pull you in.  But after a new minutes it looks all very familiar.  If you have played Burnout Paradise it is pretty much the same.  Of course with a new coat of paint and tweaks.  This is not a bad thing since that game was awesome.  I am pretty sure if it didn’t have the Need for Speed title it would have been called Burnout Paradise 2 or something like that.  Strongly thinking about picking this up at some point.  Highly recommend giving the demo a try.


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Now that the six episode of Arrow has aired thought I would talk about it again.  After watching the pilot episode I had high hopes for this show and they came true.  By the end of each episode you are left wanting more.  What I really like about this show is how each episode is different but all so cares the storyline though out.  It has you asking questions, answers them and it has you asking more.  Another strong thing going for it is, it is not watered down.   Do believe there are eleven episodes for season one.  So this kind of makes it the half way point.  Hope they keep going down this path and bring it back for second season and more.  This show is in my top ten list of can’t miss.   If you have not check it out yet do so asap.  You will not be disappointed.

American Chopper Is Ending

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One of my favourite show is ending again, American Chopper.   The show has changed some much over the years.  It became less about the motorcycles and about about the drama.  But now that they are all some what friends I guess there is less drama so no show.  How ever they are going out with a big live show.  Like last year they are having a build off again.  This time it is called Chopper Live: The Revenge.   Paul Jr., Senior and Jesse are back but this time there is one new group.  Team Fast N’ Loud.  These guys have their own show on Discovery as well.  Have not seen their show but have seen a few previews.  The dates for Chopper Live are December 10 and 11, 2012.  I am guessing they are going to so what they did last time.  Have run down of each bike on the first show, open the voting and then on the next show the winner is picked.

New Video Card

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ZotacVideoCardCould not stand the noise my video card was making.  So yesterday I went out and bought a new one.  They had a nice one on sale at Future Shop.   It is the ZOTAC GeForce GT 610 Synergy Edition 2GB.   Think my old one was may be had 512mb memory.   So 2GB is a big jump.   Not to sure if it has made a difference in my computers performance since I have not tried any games to see.   But I am going to try out some video editing to see if it helps out with that.  I am hoping it will.

As for the installation it was pretty easy.  Have only ever put one other video card in before in my old computer.  It is so much easier now a days.  With the PCI-E slot it makes it so much better.  All you have to do is uninstall your old video card drive, restart then unplug every thing.   Take out the old card, put in the new card then plug everything back in.  Once the computer has booted back up install the new drives.  Very simple.

Game Of Thrones: Season Three

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GameOfThronesSeasonThree Ther premiere date for season three of Game of Thrones has be released.  It is March 31, 2013.  This is on the top of my all time favourite tv shows.  So can’t wait to see what happens next.  Even though I have the books, still reading the first one, the show is just awesome even if you have read them all.  There is still know word on the release date for season two on DVD/Blu-ray.  But my guess would be February or early March.  Will be getting that for sure.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer # 2

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Well it is November 14, 2012.  So that means that the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is out.  It has been over a year since they put out the first trailer.  So it was nice to see so more what the world will look like.  From what I see this is going to be the biggest and best GTA yet.  Watch it very closely because it goes by fast.  They cramped all kinds of cool things in there.  So getting this game day one just like I have done ever since GTA: Vice City.

HEALTH – Tears Video

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Back in May I made a post talking about the song Tears by the band HEALTH.  It was used in the soundtrack for Max Payne 3.  Really like this song.  So that is why I am talking about it again.  Because there is somewhat of an official video out.  It was put out on Halloween.  Which makes sense since it is creepy.   But does have a very cool look to it.  Be warned it stars creepy zombie babies.  Check it out if you dare.

Grand Theft Auto V New Screenshots

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There are a bunch of new screenshots out for Grand Theft Auto V.  They can be seen over at (will post some of the them below).  They all so have a built point list of things that the game will feature.  Some of the things that stand out to me are, an underwater world, there will be some kind of economy in which you can buy cool stuff, there will be co-op modes in multiplayer and there will be an ecosystem with wildlife.  That is just some of the things on the list.  Remember there is a new trailer out November 14, 2012.  Can’ wait to see that.  You know I will be posting that when it happens.



Lest We Forget

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