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Beyond The Mat

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BeyondTheMatCame across the documentary Beyond the Mat on YouTube (here) so I had to watch it.  Have seen this once about 12 years ago.  Should tell you what this documentary is about if you don’t know.  It tells story about wresters outside the ring.  I came out back in 1999 but was filmed over three to five years before that.  So this was back when the WWE was still the WWF.  It was all same  time when they were really big with the attitude era.  After watching this again and seeing how much things have changed but all so stayed the same.   Back then is was kind of unheard of to see behind the scenes.  Was kind of ground breaking.  Do believe this documentary has made wresting better.  They don’t try to hide as much from the fans any more.  All so the fans get a better understanding what it is like to be a wrestler.  Pretty sure every wrestling fan has seen this but if not check it out while it is still up on YouTube.