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New Video Card

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ZotacVideoCardCould not stand the noise my video card was making.  So yesterday I went out and bought a new one.  They had a nice one on sale at Future Shop.   It is the ZOTAC GeForce GT 610 Synergy Edition 2GB.   Think my old one was may be had 512mb memory.   So 2GB is a big jump.   Not to sure if it has made a difference in my computers performance since I have not tried any games to see.   But I am going to try out some video editing to see if it helps out with that.  I am hoping it will.

As for the installation it was pretty easy.  Have only ever put one other video card in before in my old computer.  It is so much easier now a days.  With the PCI-E slot it makes it so much better.  All you have to do is uninstall your old video card drive, restart then unplug every thing.   Take out the old card, put in the new card then plug everything back in.  Once the computer has booted back up install the new drives.  Very simple.