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The Amazing Spider-Man Review

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TheAmazingSpider-Man Now that The Amazing Spider-Man is out on DVD I got to check it out.  Not the biggest Spider-Man fan.  Only every seen one other one because I wasn’t that interested.  Was surprised that this was a very entertaining movie.  Like how they used a different version of the character Spider-Man with him using the web shooters just like they had is some of the comics.  If you know anything about the history of Spider-man you will not be surprised how the story unfolds.  This movie is a bit origin story but with more to it.  He gets his super powers but the don’t bog it down with to much of that stuff.  The the love interest is worked in.  The bad guy is revealed.  They had a small battle leading up to the bigger battle at the end.  The standard super hero movie.

This is a very good Spider-Man movie.  I think it much better than the first live action movie back in 2002.  Not going to rush out and buy this but will recommend giving it a rent.  Plus Emma Stone is in it.  Not only is she easy on the eyes she is very funny.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)