Windows 8

Windows8 You may or may not know but every now again I fix up computers.  Yesterday I a new computer from a co-worker asking me to set it up for her.  Being a new computer it comes with Windows 8.  This is the first time I am getting to try this new operating system.  If you have seen pictures/videos or have tried it yourself it is much different than the past Windows OS.  It is now all about apps, active tile, touch screen and cloud storage.  That is all well and fine but I want it to be a computer first and entertainment second.  It is easy to get past the tile screen into the familiar desktop.  But that has changed as well.  Being designed for touch screens as well you have to move your mouse over the right hand side of the screen. That brings up four options.  Took be a bit to figure out this is how your find the control panel and what not.  You have to do a search for them.  Think this is a bit silly.  May be there is an easier way.  But I only had a limited time to play with it.  Sure once you have it long enough every thing would be easy to figure out.

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