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Dawn Of The Dead

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DawnOfTheDead Re-watched Dawn of the Dead (the 2004 remake) today.  Being October and now that The Walking Dead has started decided to watch one of the first zombies movies that was good.  Remember seeing this in theatres and being sucked in by the opening.  It was very intense.  After watching this again, while it is still a very good movie.  But think I am spoiled by they way The Walking Dead portrays the zombie filled world.  Either way if you are looking for a scary movie to watch this Halloween you can’t go wrong here.

Moonrise Kingdom Review

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MoonriseKingdom Gave the movie Moonrise Kingdom a watch.  From the trailer it looked like something I have never seen before.  The look/style of the movie was very interesting.  What else about the movie it is a nice story that is very funny.  I cracked up a bunch of times.  It is one of the things that will only reach a small audiences.  Which is a shame since this is a great watch.  It’s a bit silly, a cool look and funny at the same time.

Enjoyed watching this movie.  It was something different to look at other than all the big summer blockbusters that are coming out on DVD.  I say give this one a rent it must might surprise you.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Losers Review

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TheLosersComic It is time to review The Losers.  Not talking about the 2010 movie put the comic book that it was made from.  Well I borrowed a copies of book one and two of the tradepaper back from a friend.  When I first started to read it the first bunch of chapters it was great.  This is were the movie makers use some what for the storyline.  Then the next handful of chapters were awesome.  It was action packed with some truly funny bits.  Then we get to the end.  Was a bit let down by it.  They seemed to wrap it up very fast.  Then they last few pages pulled the old action movie cliché.  Don’t want to give it way too much.  But it has them sitting around a table at a out side bar a “year later” talking about what happened.  Then the are approached for one more mission.  That was pretty lame.  But over all I enjoyed reading this.

This is very good read.  If you seen the movie an wonder if the book was better.  Well it is.  If you have a chance to read it, do it.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Purity Ring – Fineshrine

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PurityRingShrines While watching the entertainment section of the news tonight they had a “band” on called Purity Ring.  During the interview they showed clips and audio of one of there songs called Fineshrine.  Which off their debut album Shrines.  It caught my attention.  The song was very haunting.  Give it a listen below.   All so found something cool on YouTube.  I am sure it is not legal but someone one has uploaded the full album.  You can check that out > here.

GoPro Hero3

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GoPro-Hero-3 There is a new GoPro Hero camera coming out in November 2012.  Well there are three new version which are called Hero3.  They have (cheapest to most expensive) White Edition $200,  Sliver Edition $300 and the Black Edition $400.  Being new they are improved.  Smaller in size and more powerful.  All three have built in Wi-Fi.  So you can use a remote or you smartphone with an app to control it.  The big news here is the Black Edition and the power if packs.  Which is insane.  It can shoot at a resolution of 4Kp.  Then all the way down to 720p at 120 fps.  It can even burst shoot pictures at 30 fps.  All this is pretty sweet.  Check out the video below. It was all shot with the Hero3 cameras.

Simon’s Cat In Springtime

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There is a new Simon’s Cat video.  This one is called Springtime.  It has Cat trying to break into a bird house.  When things don’t go as planed.  The video was made to celebrate the launch of their new book, Simon’s Cat vs The World.

The Walking Dead Season Three Premiere

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Oh man, the season three premiere of The Walking Dead was last night (October 14, 2012).  It was so awesome.  If you haven’t seen it yet you might want to stop reading since I may give some of what happened way.  In this episode you see an all different look at the characters.  If you seen the trailers leading up to the premiere you see how they have a new look and new weapons.  They kind of explain that.  The survived the winter by going place to place.  Lori’s baby is all most due.  So all most a year has past since the out break as started.  It was nice to see them work as a unit breaking into the prison.

This new show left me wanting more.  That is all ways a good thing.  Know for sure this will be the best season yet.  As I am typing this (Oct 15, 2012) over that the AMC website you can watch the season three premiere > Here.

CM Punk: Best In The World Review

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CMPunk Had the change to check out the three disc DVD CM Punk: Best in the World.  I was most interested in seeing the documentary part of the three disc set.  Have seen a few of these WWE DVD’s before and this one much different.   That is a good thing.  What makes this one special is the pull back the curtain like they never had before.  While they don’t given you all that goes on in the background they show so much more than ever before.  Think this is because of the internet and social media.  This is way they have more control.  But it is still nice to see.

Enjoyed the documentary for what it was.  This a nice step to may be one day there will be an unfiltered one made.  Any fan of CM Punk or wresting will in enjoy it.  The other two discs are full of this matches.  Kind of skip thought those because wasn’t that interested.  But I am sure here are other that like that.  Over all this is a great direction they are taking with their DVD’s

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Drunken Whaler

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Dishonored Was watching the review for the game Dishonored.  While watching/listening there was a song in the background that was cool and creepy.  After some investigation, the song is called The Drunken Whaler.   Which is a remix of the very old song Drunken Sailor.  The song was made for the games E3’s trailer.  Have to say it is pretty cool.  Best of all you can download it for free > here.

The Walking Dead Season Three

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Only two more days till the start of seasons three of The Walking Dead.  I think this will be the biggest and best season yet.  Well it will be the biggest because there are 16 episodes this season.  Like the past two season it will be split into two.  At lest this time they will be an even number.  So looking forward to watching.  Below is the the best trailer.  It is the one from this years Comic-Con.