The Walking Dead Season Three Premiere

Oh man, the season three premiere of The Walking Dead was last night (October 14, 2012).  It was so awesome.  If you haven’t seen it yet you might want to stop reading since I may give some of what happened way.  In this episode you see an all different look at the characters.  If you seen the trailers leading up to the premiere you see how they have a new look and new weapons.  They kind of explain that.  The survived the winter by going place to place.  Lori’s baby is all most due.  So all most a year has past since the out break as started.  It was nice to see them work as a unit breaking into the prison.

This new show left me wanting more.  That is all ways a good thing.  Know for sure this will be the best season yet.  As I am typing this (Oct 15, 2012) over that the AMC website you can watch the season three premiere > Here.

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