Arrow Pilot Review

Must say I was pretty impressed with the pilot of Arrow.  It went in a direction I didn’t see coming.  First thought it would follow a safe root be cheese and fluffy.  Was happy they didn’t go down that road (yet?).  While it did have some of that drama stuff that these shows are known for but it went down a much darker road.  The show started off a cool looking scene then had a voice over explaining what’s going on.  It went by very fast.  Didn’t like it at first.  Then it got better.  The show was action packed that didn’t hold back with the violence.  But the best part I think is the questions about the mysterious stuff.  Hope the show keeps up being good and finds a groove.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

One Response to “Arrow Pilot Review”

  1. Agree with you. The pilot was surprisingly good.

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