Sega Nomad

SegaNomad After my post yesterday talking about Double Dragon: Neon.  Got thinking about old games and what not.  So I got out my Sega Genesis Nomad.  Have not touched this in years.  Want to say may be more than ten years since I have been turned out.  Wanted to play True Lies.  Before I go on, you might be saying what in a Sega Nomad?  Well it is a portable Sega Genesis.  I remember when I bought it.  Seen it in the game case.  Thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Being able to play the Genesis games I have with having to hook it up to a TV.  Was an awesome idea.  Don’t remember what I paid for it but I am sure it was too much.  Because soon after the Playstation era started.  All so didn’t use it that much.

Any who back to the game I wanted to play, True Lies.  My brother and I would rent this game all the time.  It was a fun game but tough.  Then we got the cheat codes.  Which made it so much more fun.  Years later I seen that the video store was selling off their old Genesis stuff.  So I had to buy it.   Today when I tried to play it.  It didn’t work.  Thought that the Nomad was broken.  After a few tires still didn’t work.  So tired another game with did work.  So one last time and it booted up.  After putting in the codes played the first three levels.  It pretty much how I remembered it.  Good Times.

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