Double Dragon: Neon Demo

DoubleDragonNeon Gave the demo a try for Double Dragon: Neon.  This the the downloadable game on PSN and Xbox live.  Which is a remake/reimagining of of every ones favourite old school beat’em up, Double Dragon.  I remember back in the day my brother I an would play that game on the Sega Master System.  We played that all the time.  So I was interested in trying this new one.  While it is updated with all the new look.  It all so has that look the original to it.  After time it, it shows how far games have come.  I think for the better.  All this is pretty much an old school beat’em up with a new coat of paint.  Sure there are people out there that love that type of game.  But my game taste have changed a lot since playing the Master System.  So I will not be buying this one.

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