Celtic Thunder

CelticThunder Went to the Celtic Thunder concert last night here in town.  Had bought the tickets for my mother way back for Mother’s day.  She had been looking forward to going ever since.  There was only one problem.  The show was to start at 7:30pm.  Get there a bit early.  Only to seen signs on the doors saying the show was postponed until 9pm because of an uncontrolled substance.  Turns out their equipment was stuck on the Newfoundland ferry.  The story > here.   The show didn’t start until 10pm  and didn’t finish up until about 12:30am.   Which is fine for the most part but I had to get up for work 4:30 am.  So didn’t get much sleep.  Made my shift every interesting.

While I knew of them. Never listened to any of their music.  Other than that the show was great.  They did a great job for having to be rushed.  All the people went crazy when the started.  But the went nuts the must when they sang Rita MacNeil’s Working Man an when they did Out on The Mira.  Took some pictures but I was pretty far back and the zoom on the camera sucks.

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