Vic’s Basement Podcast

Was not really into podcast.  Have listened to a few different ones of and on over the years.  But how found one I have listened to and like.  It is called Vic’s Basement.  It is the guys from Reviews On The Run.  Watch that show pretty much very day.  Remember a little while back they talked about the podcast on the show.  Didn’t think much of it.  Until I was on vacation and decided to check it out.  Enjoyed it so much that I listened to the first four.  Have the fifth one on my computer ready to go.  Think why I like it some much is I can put a face to the voice.  Plus they can say what they want on the podcast.  You should give it a listen.  Should tell you if you don’t know what Reviews on the Run is or the podcast is about mostly about video games.  They all so talk about movies, apps and tech products.

One Response to “Vic’s Basement Podcast”

  1. Amazing podcast from two great video game critics

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