Stars Earn Stripes

StarsEarnStripes Just saw a tv spot for the new reality show called Starts Earn Strips.  The idea is they take “celebrities” team them up law enforcement or military guys.   They will train using real military exercises to do missions to earn money for charities.  The funny part they are promoting they the stars will be in real danger, using live ammo and might die.  If you watch the trailer > here or below you can tell it is staged.  Just look at the shots and how the camera moves.  I think it is an insult to tv views they they way they are promoting it.  Think it more of a  military themed Fear Factor with celebrities.  Might check out the first episode.  It is set to air Monday August 13, 2012.

One Response to “Stars Earn Stripes”

  1. Dan Fidler Says:

    My son fights with the sp ops. This show is offensive to me and of great disrespect for those who risk their lives for what surely is not a game.

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