Saints Row: The Third Review

Finished the main storyline and all most all the side quest (have three left) in Saints Row: The Third last night so it is time of a review.  Like a lot of game now a days there is a RPG element.  As you play weather you are doing missions, side quest or just messing around you get rep and or money.  As you level up you unlock and can buy all kinds of good perks that make the game more fun or improve you character.

I spent most of my time buying all the stores and side quest to get more money to buy all the upgrades.  By the time I finished all that my character was pretty much unstoppable.  Which made the last missions a lot easier to play.  The missions get pretty crazy at the end so the upgrades make all the different from finishing them and not die all the time.

Enjoyed this game very much.  Even after putting 32 hours into it I still want to go back and upgrade every thing.  This is a must buy.  Even if you do not finished or unlock all the stuff it is just fun to run around in the crazy Saints Row world.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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