Survivor: One World Finale

There is only one episode of Survivor: One World left.  Well its the last episode that leads into who wins the reunion show.  This takes place May 13, 2012.  It has been an interesting season at first but the last few episodes are just the standard ones.  Some stand outs this are the girl breaking her arm.  And then there was Colton.  Was happy to see him having to leave the game.  He was a hate filled tool.  Pretty sure then the have another all star season he will be there on the “bad guy” side.

Not sure who will win.  But My guess will be Kim.  She seems to have it all going for her.  Unless they pull a blind side she will be in the finales.

[Update]  I guessed right.  Kim did win.  She all so won the fan favorite vote.

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