The Terminator

T2Cover The other night on TV they had a Terminator movie marathon on.  Seen all this movies a bunch of times.  So I only half watched them.  Then noticed they only played three of the movies, The Terminator, Rise of the Machines and Salvation.   For some reason the didn’t show the best one, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  This one is one of my all time favourite movies.  Must of watched this one at least 20 or more times over the years.  So I had to get out the DVD and watch it again.  A few years ago I picked of the the two disc extreme edition.  That is the one with all the extra footage in it.

I remember one time I sat down and counted all the product placements in it.  While there is a few for Subway and Dunkin Donuts.  But by a long shot Pepsi has the most.  There is a lot.  Must be well over twenty.  How ever this is one of the best movies that have were been made.  Still holds up for a twenty one years old.

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