Video Card Fan Trouble

VideoCard Think the fan on my video card a Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS is going to fail.  I say year or more ago it got loader.  Well not it has gotten a lot worst.  Was watching a movie and it got super load.   So I shut down the computer and cleaned the dust out of all the fans and parts.  Still load.  Looked online to see if I can fix it instead of buying a new one.  The videos looked at make it seem pretty easy.  Once you take the card out and unscrew the fan you put one drop of oil on the bearings.  What I seen they say use sewing machine oil or 3 in 1 oil.  Think I am going to try this.  Just need to look if we have any of that type of oil in the house.  All so if I have the right type of screw drives to take the video card apart.  If I do this will document it.  This it will make a good blog post.

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