Michael Craig/Oliver Godfrey – Kinetic

AudioNetwork Weeks ago I was watching GameSpot’s review of Ridge Racer Unbounded.  There is a song used during the review that I really liked.  It is one of those dubstep songs that are all the rage in videos now.  Looked around and could not find what it was called or who made it.  YouTube comments are all ways the best place to find out this info.  But here was none.   So today decided to check again and there it was the title and the makers.  Tunes out it is called Kinetic by Michael Craig and Oliver Godfrey.   While I can find out real info on these guys or a standalone video for the song.  You can click one of the links above to hear it or just click > here.

2 Responses to “Michael Craig/Oliver Godfrey – Kinetic”

  1. Oliver Godfrey Says:


    Thanks for the interest.
    Feel free to check out my channel.
    Oliver Godfrey

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