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Draw Something Free

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DrawSomething Heard about the app called Draw Something yesterday.  Had some free time today to give it ago on my iPod Touch.  Should say I gave the free version a try.  Once you download it.  You can sign in with FaceBook or email.  The idea of the game as you might guess from the name is.  Someone out there gets a choose from three things to draw.  They draw it and then you have to guess what it is with the letters the game gives you at the bottom of the screen.  Only got to try one round so far because the battery died.  Going to give it another go later.  From the small moment that I got to try it, it works great.

Game of Thrones: You Win Or You Die

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Got a nice little surprise today. When and checked out  the Game of Thrones YouTube page.   Most of the time then have short behind the scenes stuff and trailers but today there was a long video about 22 minutes called You Win or You Die.  In it some of the actors and what a guess is a producer taking about season one and what’s coming in season two.  It was very interesting.  Need they end they some some stuff I from season two that I think it make the show even better.  Can’t wait for April 1.  Just got to get though the Blu-ray of season one before than.

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Chrome Gamez

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ChromeGamez Have seen a lot of sites like Chrome over the years.  What the site is a collection of flash game you can played in your browser.  While you don’t have to use the Chrome browser to play.  I think if you do you an install it and a link will be in the app section of the new tab thing they have.  All so think if you sign up for this website you might be able to save your progress in some of the game.  Some of they are real full on games with lots of detail.  Gave the game King Island 2 a try.  It is like a clone of Diablo 2.

Motorcycle Soon

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These past few days have been really nice weather wise.  There has been a lot of motorcycles out.  Can’t wait to get mine out soon.  Went and got the plate sticker today (March 21, 2012).  Hope next week I will be able to get it out and ready for the first ride of the year.  Looked at the seven day forecast and it doesn’t look that promising.  Looks like it will be cold again with some snow.  But things can change.  Plan to take my bike into the shop for a good once over to check all the cables, brakes and what not.  It is inspected till 2013 but the motorcycle is an 2006 so I think it would nice to be sure that every thing is tip top.  Just know it will be a giant pain in the ass because the local shop all ways have some sort of problem.  Any who can’t want to get our ridding again.  Will be post pictures and or video when i do.

The Walking Dead Game

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TheWalkingDeadGame Still on a waking dead kick so it nice today to see a trailer out of The Walking Dead Game – A Telltale Game Series.  It is being called a game series because there will be five “episodes” coming out on PSN, XBox live, PC and Mac staring some time in April.  I think most Telltale games are like this.  It is hard to tell from the trailer (below) what the game play will be like.  How ever found a good game play video on YouTube > here.  It looks interesting.  The game play seems to be like a point can click adventure with some camera control.  Would like to try it when it comes out.  A demo would be nice but don’t think that will happen since the first episode will cost $5.

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The Walking Dead Season Two Review

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Season two of The Walking Dead ended last night (March 19, 2012).  Knew it would be a good episode to end the season and it was.  One of the great things about this show is they answer the question they bring up.  They may leave you hanging for an episode or so but they all ways tell you what is going on.  They did answer a lot question but all so asked a few to keep us hanging to next season.

!—Stop reading here if you have not seen it yet –!

They introduce new cool character, with a sword and two zombies on chains.  It only a short clip but very cool.  After looking into who this is, the character is called Michonne.  She is a big player in the comic books.  At the very end you get a glimpse of were season three will take place, a prison.  This is all so a big set piece in the comics.

!– Spoilers are over  –!

Really enjoyed season two.  It helped a lot they have more episodes to flush out the story and characters.  I know there are some people out there complaining there wasn’t enough zombie fighting scenes.  My take is if you put too much of that in it takes away from what the story really is, people trying to survive.  Look forward to season three which will have 16 episodes.  My guess it will start back up in October.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Police Squad!

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PoliceSquad If you have seen any of The Naked Gun movies (if you haven’t what is wrong with you) you might know that it was based of the shorted lived TV show called Police Squad! In Color.  Have never seen this show but last night a friend show me a clip on YouTube.  Only watched the first few minutes and I was busting a gut.  It is full of crazy sight gags and world play.  So today I watched the first episode which happens to be on YouTube (video links below).  The show was funny as hell.  It is a shame it only lasted six episodes.  Not sure if all six are on YouTube.  Plan to look because I want to see them all.  I know you can buy it on DVD > here.

Part one of episode one

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Part two of episode one

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Part three of episode one

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