The Walking Dead: One Episode Left

There is only one episode left in season two of The Walking Dead.  Kind of sad that it will be over but I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.  I know there will be a big cliff hanger for sure.  Making us wait for season three.  Have to say the second last episode, number 12 called Better Angles, was the best one yet.  Right from the opening shot I knew some great things were going to happen and boy did they ever happen.  They crammed so much win it will be hard to beat.  Not going to say any thing that went on just in case any one that is reading this hasn’t seen it yet.

All this season I did not look at any of the previews for the upcoming episodes or read any thing.  But last night I fell into a trap.  Was reading something unrelated on a news site on they right hand side they had a picture from the last episode.  It kind ruined one of the surprises I think.  How ever, one thing lead to another and ended up watching the preview.   It looks pretty awesome.   Sunday March 18, 2012 is the day.

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