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Game Of Thrones – Season Two Trailer

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GameOfThronesSeasonTwo April 1st is getting closer so that means season two of Game of Thrones is all most here.  They put a new trailer a few days ago and it a real good one.  Check it out below.  So can’t wait to see what happens next.  After the success I know season one, two will be even bigger in scale.  Speaking of season one watched the first two episodes on Blu-ray and man it looks awesome.  Went back and watched episode one again with the commentary track on.  That was interesting.  Think I will do that will all the episodes that have the commentary on them.

Now back to the new trailer.  If you look closely near the end when Tyrion Lannister is talking you can see what looks like “the hand of the king pin thing on”.  Thought was was cool.  I am not that far into the books so everything in season two will be a surprise.   If you are wondering what the song is playing in the trailer, Florence and The Machine – Seven Devils.

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