SSX Demo

SSX Was checking out the PSN store last night to see if there was any thing cool I might want to download.  Saw the demo for SSX.  So I gave that a download.  If you don’t remember or know what SSX is, it is an “extreme” snowboarding game.  When they first came out back in the PS2 days they were all the rage.  Thought they were cool back then and this on is just as cool just not for me.   Why because it is all about the tricks and pulling of crazy combos.  Not very good at it so it becomes very un-fun.

Back to the demo its self.  It looks awesome. Has to be the best looking and feeling snow I have ever seen in any game.  The game play is nice and smooth.  However I found myself having a bit of trouble with some of the movement controls.  Just need more practises.  The demo seems to be pretty big.  Only did two races/trick runs.  But I think you can unlock a few more.  I know this game will be a big hit.  But it wouldn’t be on my buy list.  Not because it is not good.  Just not my type of video game.   It will be out February 28, 2012.

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