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Cell Phone

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Cellphone I know everyone and there grandma has a cell phone but I do not.  Have been thinking about getting one for awhile now.  The problem is there are so many choices.  What type of phone, the plan you want and or a contract.  I know I do not want a contract.  Have no trouble buying a phone.  Just want a simple one to make some calls and texts.  So looked into the pre-paid plans. Trying to decided what is the most cost effective and one that fits my budget.  The websites are some what confusing.  After looking at some the different carriers.  Narrowed it down to Koobo or Virgin Mobile, well so far any way.  Going to keep looking in to it.  May be by the summer I might have one, may be.

Rhett & Link

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RhettLink Saw a very funny video today (which is below).  It is from Rhett & Link.  They guys make funny/music videos and what not.  They have a bunch of great stuff on their YouTube Channel.  If you check them out watch some of their “caption fail” videos.  What they do is write a script, upload it to YouTube.  Then YouTube adds closed captions which doesn’t work the greatest.   Next the act out the script the right way then with the new script.  Very funny stuff.  They have a second YouTube channel that they use for their video logs.

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Talkatone Heard about the app Talkatone yesterday.  It lets you make free calls and send texts using an iDevice like your iPhone or iPod Touch over WiFi or 3G.  I have an iPod Touch so I had to check this out.  Figured it hard to set up.  It works by using your Google gmail account.  If you don’t have gmail, sign up then install the GTalk thing inside you gmail account.  You type in the phone number you want to call, hang up then sign out of the chat.  Go to your touch, launch the app, sign in with you gmail account.  Call the number you just did inside of gmail.

Pretty simple.  Gave it a try with my home phone number.  It worked right away.  It was pretty funny that I was calling myself using an iPod touch.  Now I am going to try and text a friend to see if that works.  Will come back and tell you how that went.

[Update]  Tried to send an SMS but didn’t work.  Not sure why.  Will have to look into it.


Top Gear Series Eighteen

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It is official Top Gear series eighteen is starting January 29, 2012.  Which is about a month after there Christmas special aired.  Have been waiting for this series to start every since series seventeen ended.  This is my all time favourite show.  They put out a small teaser trailer (which is below).  Looks just as good as all the other series.  Wonder what kind of still things they are going to do this time around.  Trailer > here.

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Yesterday I talked about buy a Kobo Vox.  Liking it so far.  Had some books and a comic I wanted to try on it.  The Vox uses the ePUB formant.  So I need to convert them to that formant.  After a search, the best option that kept coming up was Calibre ebook management.  This is a great program.  I can convert just about any file into the right format for any type of ereader you might have.  The only downside I see so far is that once the file is converted and put into the Vox’s library it will not let me zoom in.  Going to look into changing the setting in Calibre to see if that will help.

One thing that is a bit of pain about the Vox’s is.  Once you drag the epub files over they do not show up in the library.  You have to import them.  At first I was reading you need to put the files on a Micro SD card then import.  I don’t have one so I decided to just try press the import content button and it worked.  Was happy about that.

Kobo Vox

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Picked up my Christmas gift to myself today (January 16, 2011).  I know it is January now but I all ways get myself something.  This something was a Kobo Vox.   Tried to get one during the Boxing week sales but they didn’t have any.  Was looking at this weeks Future Shop flyer and they had them on sale, saving $20 off the sticker prices.  All so had two gift cards so I got a real good deal on it.  The only down side is they only had the hot pick ones left.  Well it doesn’t really matter.  Just was hoping to get a black one.

Going though the setup right now.  It is downloading and installing an update.  First impressions are the box it comes in is very nice.  The Vox it’s self is nice looking as well.  Not too heavy.  Will come back later on with another post talking about it and what not.  The pictures below are of me opening it up.



The Walking Dead Update

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Have some great news about The Walking Dead.   Was checking out IMDB there is an article about AMC shows.  Like season two they ordered 13 episodes.  How ever they have upped that to 16.   This is awesome news.  Not only there will be an season three but with more episodes.  Guess they are going to do the same thing the did with this season as they did with seasons two is break it up into two parts.  With 16 episodes that will make it more even before and after the break.

A reminder that the second half of seasons two starts up again February 12, 2012.  Six more awesome episodes to look forward to watching.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

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TheDarkNightRisesPoster You might be thinking what kind of Batman fan are you for talking about The Dark Knight Rises trailer now.  When it came out weeks ago.  Well I seen it weeks ago just never got around to taking about it.  Have to say it does look cool.  How ever not too sure if it will live up to how great The Dark Knight was.  I am hope it is on par or better.  The trailer does look interesting.  Know Bane is the main bad guy and Catwoman is in there.  Just hope they don’t though in a third.  That is what made the 90’s Batman movies not that good.  I know I will be seeing this summer.  It is out July 20, 2012.   Hope it doesn’t jump onto the 3D bandwagon.

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Going Dark To Protest SOPA

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StopSopa There a bunch of websites that are going dark January 18, 2012.  By that I mean you will not be able to use them on.  They are doing this to protest SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).  If you have not hear of you need to read up on it.  Some info > here.   You might be thinking this is an United States thing.  But if it goes though it will effect the rest of us at some point.  The basic understanding of SOPA is giving more control to get corporations to shut down websites they think are pirating their content.  They could end up shut down website every one uses like YouTube and what not. It is more complicated than that but that was my simplified version.  Not sure if the law will pass but I hope not because it would break the internet but good.  All so not sure how many other website are going to take put in going dark on January 18.  If you can’t get on a website that day you will know why.

Knight Blade

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KnightBlade Was watching AOTS last night.  They showed a funny clip from the website Funny or Die.  It is a spoof of the 80’s show like Street Hawk, Air Wolf and Knight Rider.  Not only it is very funny it is pretty spot on.  Click > here to see it or watch below.

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