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Talkatone Heard about the app Talkatone yesterday.  It lets you make free calls and send texts using an iDevice like your iPhone or iPod Touch over WiFi or 3G.  I have an iPod Touch so I had to check this out.  Figured it hard to set up.  It works by using your Google gmail account.  If you don’t have gmail, sign up then install the GTalk thing inside you gmail account.  You type in the phone number you want to call, hang up then sign out of the chat.  Go to your touch, launch the app, sign in with you gmail account.  Call the number you just did inside of gmail.

Pretty simple.  Gave it a try with my home phone number.  It worked right away.  It was pretty funny that I was calling myself using an iPod touch.  Now I am going to try and text a friend to see if that works.  Will come back and tell you how that went.

[Update]  Tried to send an SMS but didn’t work.  Not sure why.  Will have to look into it.