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Yesterday I talked about buy a Kobo Vox.  Liking it so far.  Had some books and a comic I wanted to try on it.  The Vox uses the ePUB formant.  So I need to convert them to that formant.  After a search, the best option that kept coming up was Calibre ebook management.  This is a great program.  I can convert just about any file into the right format for any type of ereader you might have.  The only downside I see so far is that once the file is converted and put into the Vox’s library it will not let me zoom in.  Going to look into changing the setting in Calibre to see if that will help.

One thing that is a bit of pain about the Vox’s is.  Once you drag the epub files over they do not show up in the library.  You have to import them.  At first I was reading you need to put the files on a Micro SD card then import.  I don’t have one so I decided to just try press the import content button and it worked.  Was happy about that.