Kobo Vox

Picked up my Christmas gift to myself today (January 16, 2011).  I know it is January now but I all ways get myself something.  This something was a Kobo Vox.   Tried to get one during the Boxing week sales but they didn’t have any.  Was looking at this weeks Future Shop flyer and they had them on sale, saving $20 off the sticker prices.  All so had two gift cards so I got a real good deal on it.  The only down side is they only had the hot pick ones left.  Well it doesn’t really matter.  Just was hoping to get a black one.

Going though the setup right now.  It is downloading and installing an update.  First impressions are the box it comes in is very nice.  The Vox it’s self is nice looking as well.  Not too heavy.  Will come back later on with another post talking about it and what not.  The pictures below are of me opening it up.



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