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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Posted in Just something to say, Videos with tags , , , , , on January 14, 2012 by getbent57

TheDarkNightRisesPoster You might be thinking what kind of Batman fan are you for talking about The Dark Knight Rises trailer now.  When it came out weeks ago.  Well I seen it weeks ago just never got around to taking about it.  Have to say it does look cool.  How ever not too sure if it will live up to how great The Dark Knight was.  I am hope it is on par or better.  The trailer does look interesting.  Know Bane is the main bad guy and Catwoman is in there.  Just hope they don’t though in a third.  That is what made the 90’s Batman movies not that good.  I know I will be seeing this summer.  It is out July 20, 2012.   Hope it doesn’t jump onto the 3D bandwagon.

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