Skyrim So Far

Was trying to think what to write about today.  Than thought why not talk about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim again.  Have put a few good hours into it so far.  I am about level 11 now.  Spent most of the time just exploring.   Did a few main story quests then got stuck on.  Have to to climb to top of a mountain.  Which is fine but there is some kind of a troll that keeps killing me.   Died like six times in a row.  So gave up on that, will got back once I am a higher level I guess that is how it works.  Did some side quest to get some  money and a lot of exploring to get stuff to sell.  Wanted to but a house.   Once I bought the house it is dump in side.  Find out that you have to buy stuff to make it look a a real house.  Liking the game so far.  It is I keep getting killed by running into enemies that are hard to kill.   All so found a cool Wiki site with all kind of info of stuff in the game > here.

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