Got A Copy of Skyrim

Picked up a copy of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim today (Nov 12, 2011).  Didn’t try it out yet.  Going to once I am done typing this.  Went to Wal-mart on my break to pick it up.  There was a few people a head of me buy a copy as well.  Had a good laugh the guy in front of me looked so excited to be get a copy.  Was thinking that must be what people are like at the midnight launch parties.  Had even bigger laugh when what looked like to be his mother paid for it.  The guy had to be in his twenties.  Any who, going to give the game a try.  Will all so try a post a small update on how it is.

[Update] Have played for a few hours now. And wow this game is great so far. There was a few hiccups during the open scene. Once you get past the tutorial part you are set free in the world. Then it is another wow. It is nice looking. You are walking though a nice forest with a river near by with the coolest soundtrack. Just looked around for a bit soaking it in. An awesome game so far.

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