Batman: Arkham City Hands On

Have had Batman: Arkham City two days now.  Wow, this game is freaking awesome.  Picked up my copy from Wal-mart.  They were/are running a promotion.  Buy Arkham City and get  Arkham Asylum game of the year edition free.  Bought that even thought have Arkham Asylum.  A free game is a free game.

This game is great.  Has the great elements from the first game will all new and even better stuff.  If you have played the first game you know how smooth the combat is.  Well if flows even better.  Just so fun to swoop down and take the bad guys out.  The world is hugh.  There is so much to  do.  Get side tracked with all the side missions.  But they don’t feel like side missions since they kind of fit into the main story.  Can see myself spending many hours playing this game and not seeing all of it.

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