X-Men: First Class Review

XMenFirstClass I knew I would like X-Men: First Class but I liked it more than that.  This movie goes in the how these types of movies should be made category.  The story as you can tell by the title is an origin story.  It was great to see how the X-Men got there start.  The only things I knew about them was from the first three movies (third one sucked by the way) and by seeing a few of the cartoons.  You don’t need to see any of that stuff to like this movie.  It is more than a comic book movie.  Do believe anyone who likes a good movie will enjoy these.  The only small thing I didn’t like was some of the CG was a bit week.

This is a must see.  An awesome movie that all can enjoy not just comic book fans.  The bar as been raised.  So all other movies better bring there a game.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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